Even if Yahoo replaced Google as the default search on iPhone, half of users would switch back

There's a lot of speculation that Yahoo wants to outbid Google to be the default search provider for iPhones and iPads. CEO Marissa Mayer did not deny this desire during Yahoo's last earnings call.

Goldman Sachs' tech analysts have some bad news for Yahoo.

These analysts interviewed more than 500 iPhone and iPad users and asked them what they would do if Google were replaced with Yahoo as the default search engine on the mobile version of Safari.
Only 4% of users said they would intentionally leave Yahoo as the default. 48% of them said they would switch the default back to Google.

The Goldman analysts actually think that Google might even benefit by allowing Yahoo win the Apple deal because it would no longer have to pay for users who would find their way back to Google anyway.

This chart spells out the bad news for Yahoo.

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Goldman Sachs