Even Square's IPO advisors don't seem to know whether or not Jack Dorsey will stay CEO


Jack Dorsey

REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

Advisers for Square's IPO are making contingency plans in case CEO Jack Dorsey jumps ship to become the permanent CEO of Twitter, Bloomberg reports.

Dorsey is currently the interim CEO at Twitter as the company searches for a replacement for Dick Costolo. The Twitter board has previously said it would only consider candidates who are in a position to make a "full-time commitment to Twitter."

This seemed at the time to rule out Dorsey, but is has become unclear whether Dorsey's position at Square - a company which he co-founded - would prevent him from considering the Twitter job.


Twitter might still hold an allure for Dorsey, even though the company's stock is being rocked and user growth has stagnated. And morale at the company is "beyond low," according to insiders.

If Dorsey chose to vacate his post as Square CEO, it wouldn't be a legal issue, Bloomberg reports. The cost would simply be confidence, as Square would have to find a CEO that could demonstrate an ability to helm the company, or wait until that candidate was able to prove it through action.

Square has declined to comment.


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