Everyone I know on Facebook is sharing this crazy video of a guy surfing on a Motocross bike

A video making the rounds on Facebook right now has to be seen to be believed. Posted by skate and snowboard brand DC Shoes on August 2, it shows a guy surfing on a Motocross bike.

By Sunday night it had amassed 137,000 views and was well on its way to going viral.Advertisement

The Motocross rider in the video is Robbie Maddison, according to DC Shoes' caption underneath the upload. Maddison has been trying to ride his motorized Honda on the ocean for two years, the blurb reads.

motocross surf

YouTube/DC Shoes

Robbie Maddison surfs on his Motocross.

Maddison is a 34-year-old Motocross pro from Australia who's "considered a modern-day Evel Knievel," according to Transworld, a Motocross publication that sent writer Donn Maeda along with Maddison to chronicle his Motocross-surf session.

The video launched a day early due to demand after Maddison and DC were teasing stills from it for a few days, according to Maddison's Twitter account.

 Motocross fans are flipping out over the accomplishment.Advertisement

And according to Maddison, figuring out how to make it work was no small feat.


The project took plenty of trial and error, including sinking Maddison's bike - a Honda that was outfitted with two paddles - 30 or 40 times, TransWorld reports.

Maddison and DC shot the video at Teahupo'o, a famous surf spot in Tahiti.

Of course, Maddison stuck out like a sore thumb.Advertisement

motocross surf 2

YouTube/DC Shoes

The fact that people are flipping out about this stunt on social media is quite a coup for both Maddison and DC Shoes - the world of Motocross can be pretty insular, and it's clear this video is breaking into the mainstream thanks to its virality.

Athletes like Maddison make a substantial chunk of their salaries from sponsorship deals like Maddison's relationship with DC Shoes. Based on how much attention this project is netting for the brand, the company's investment in Maddison has likely paid off.Advertisement

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