EXCLUSIVE: Akshay Kothari speaks about why every user should start writing on LinkedIn. Here's his personal experience

EXCLUSIVE: Akshay Kothari speaks about why every user should start writing on LinkedIn. Here's his personal experienceIt’s a great idea to be using LinkedIn to land yourself a job you desire, but you may not be utilizing the potential of this platform until you have started writing and expressing yourself on it like these writers.

LinkedIn India CEO Akshay says – “These are regular people who have emerged as terrific storytellers on LinkedIn, each one of them expressing their experiences, thoughts and opinions on things they feel passionate about.”

It doesn’t take a lot for one to begin writing, every person has a voice and feels for something or the other in their daily lives. It just takes willingness to blurt it out to the world so someone else out there could become a small part of your little experience by engaging with it. Not just that, writing on Linkedin, Akshay says, can lead to interesting opportunities as well.


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“As a writer, when you write a piece of content in your views of what's happening at a specific event or your thoughts on a specific topic, it can take you to interesting places. Sometimes, it can lead to companies coming to you to ask if you can speak at their event, or sometimes a media house could approach you for publishing the article. You never know who will get inspired,” he says.

The young CEO of LinkedIn recounts his personal experience – “A few years back, I wrote a piece on Linkedin - I like, I wish, I wonder. I wanted to share something very simple with my team - How we as a team could give each other feedback on products. The idea was you should start all your sentences with ‘I like’ the product, ‘I wish’ something was different or ‘I wonder’ if you would have thought of that. This simple framework which I had thought of, something that we would use to give feedback on our product, touched the lives of several teachers and parents who called me to say that they had started using it in their houses and schools.”

It is this power of the platform, he says, using which writers can push their voice around topics of interest, and "they will see everyone who thinks alike or differs will automatically start engaging with that content paving way for a discussion or a debate that could lead to great, unexpected results."

So, if he has got you thinking and you want to kick-start, here is Akshay’s advice for your – “Be authentic. The more authentic your pieces are in terms of your life stories and opinions, the more impact can make on our platform. People will emotionally connect with your word. Moreover, it will help you create a richer LinkedIn profile. Apart from your professional details, people will have another dimension of understanding about how you think and who you are.”

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the writer in you and you may be featured on the LinkedIn Top Voices List next year!