Exclusive: Snapdeal’s Rohit Bansal says the biggest game changer in 2016 for E-Commerce will be to enter the daily life of every person

At a time when e-commerce companies are changing strategies at a lightning speed to attract more and more customers, Snapdeal co-founder Rohit Bansal said internet interactions are going to make companies huge.

Speaking to Business Insider at SURGE in Bengaluru, Bansal said people are spending more and more time on smartphones and they can change the fortunes of an e-commerce company.

“When we access internet on a laptop, we spend mostly an hour. People do multiples tasks on smartphones that is not possible on a PC. And, taking this cue, Snapdeal is making big as an ecommerce company in India. Internet interactions will make companies huge,” said Bansal.


Talking about the supply in India, Bansal said there is no dearth of supply in India but the question is on building a platform to connect supply and technology.

“The problem statement to me is if we are not taking the right decision today with the changing world, we are being dishonest to every person in the company,” he added.

Snapdeal is also being fondly known as ‘acquisition’ firm, as it acquired nearly four companies last year. Rohit proudly said that since 2010, not a single guy they acquired left them.


“We set a high level of entrepreneurship culture. Extreme objectivity decision making is the success mantra,” he said while explaining why their company is the most successful.

So what will be the driving force of startups in 2016?

“Most successful e-commerce companies will get big by participating in daily life. Personalising customer experience will be the game changing strategy,” said Rohit.