Exclusive: Swiggy helping small restaurants, to get upto 50% of their orders

Sometimes to make food your living, all you need is a kitchen.

Swiggy, which is an home-delivery food startup is helping you and many other realize that dream.


Since Swiggy operates an independent fleet of delivery executives connecting restaurants and customers, users can order without any minimum order limitation and can also track their orders. Swiggy delivers in eight cities--Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Chennai--with over 10,000 restaurants listed on its platform.

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The platform allows master chefs spread flavors without worrying about seating arrangements and real estate cost. They can focus on their core competency which is cooking good food.


Whether you live to eat or eat to live, Swiggy offers a spread from fine-dine to Ghar-ka-khana. Many hole-in-the-wall food joints consider plugging and play on Swiggy. These restaurants are pretty famous in the locale but get limited by seating space or by low marketing spends. Swiggy extends their reach and potential.

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It is a known fact that restaurants don’t sell food, they sell an experience and those who can crack the code between flavors and decor can be successful in building a loyal customer base.


Business Insider talked to two flourishing food businesses that work with Swiggy to understand how they’re leveraging this platform to its full potential.
Joseph Cherien from 48 East which is an online restaurant based out of Bengaluru said that Swiggy really helped to get his business to new heights, ‘’In the past four months since we opened Swiggy has helped us get 20% of our orders. Swiggy has helped us reach all parts of the city without much investment.’’

Another chef- Suresh from Leon’s Grill who started his own venture, found Swiggy to be helpful when he decided to go online with his already existing restaurant in Bengaluru. ‘’’We wanted to reach more people and expand, but instead of opening another restaurant, we went online to look for customers. Swiggy really helped us and so much so, that now 50% of our online orders come from the platform. We never thought we could reach so many people so easily.’’

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Suresh said that Swiggy is also efficient and pays the restaurants in a week for the order which doesn’t eat into their running expenditure.
The internet is a stage, and the start-ups are turning out be great players.