EXECUTIVE COACH: Here's What You Do If You're Nervous In An Interview


You go into an interview. You really want the job. You're clamming up. You're anxious.

What do you do?

In an interview with OneWire, a career site for financial professionals, executive recruiter Ann Mehl says it's actually not that hard to get rid of your nerves as long as you're open about them.


"I often say to folks, when you get to the meeting, if you feel nervous and you're sweating and you're feeling like you're panting, admit it. Say it. Drop it into the room. Just say, "My nerves are getting the best of me right now and I just want to admit that." Because the other person is human and I think they'll relate to you more if you share it than if you're all strung out."

Mehl, who launched her executive coaching business in 2005, has worked with employees from Citigroup, Kickstarter, Etsy, Morgan Stanley, Yahoo and more. In that time, she's found that the same open, honest energy you should apply to an interview, should be applied to leadership in the workplace as well.

"The first thing I think about [that makes a good leader] is positive energy. That means that when they show up, they're not whining about an issue, or trying to blame someone, or telling me they haven't slept or eaten in days, I think goes a long way."


Watch the video below, or head to OneWire to check out more interviews from their Open Door series.