Expect these social media trends in 2017

Expect these social media trends in 2017 In 2016, we've seen mobile totally redefine how individuals associate with each other and in addition with brands. Keeping in mind social and mobile have indisputably affected marketing, communications and business, in 2017, will see old canines with new tricks

Live streams

Despite the fact that there have been walks in the streaming space (FB Live, YouTube Live, Periscope) we are still in the infant stages. And expect this to grow even bigger.

The end of Twitter?

Twitter isn't doing so good. Individuals have been foreseeing the death of Twitter for the past few years, however I'm not here to state regardless of whether Twitter will survive another year. Twitter built itself on quick, bite-sized updates, however this leads to a barrage of both incoming and outgoing tweets. This was novel and energizing at the beginning, however now clients are beginning to crave something other than what's expected—bigger, more detailed

Social Commerce


Social commerce is huge around the globe. We have possessed the capacity to send money through Google and Messenger for quite a while yet this was a shared trade. Pinterest and Twitter are taking into account purchases and that will help with mainstream adoption for brands


Snapchat continues to grow, but it should make it simpler to organically discover fun and interesting accounts. The Instagram Explore tab's algorithm works fantastically well, and you can get lost in clicking recordings for quite a long time." The additional time that clients spend on Instagram equals success.

The biggest trend of 2017 is genuinely self-evident. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and different stages have turned out to be such a piece of our life, it's difficult to envision how we lived without them. As individuals think of more inventive sorts of substance and approaches to circulate them, social media will just get bigger.