Facebook has a new tool for detecting if anyone is trying to impersonate you

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Rick Gershon/Getty Images

Double trouble?

Facebook is cracking down on fake accounts.

One form that harassment sometimes takes on the social network is impersonations - people create doppelganger accounts pretending to be their victim to attack or smear them.

But Facebook is now taking action, Mashable reports - and has created a tool that can automatically detect these impersonating accounts.
The feature, currently available in 75% of countries, will notice if someone is using your photos and name, and then flag them up to the potential victim - allowing them to report them if necessary.

Fake accounts are already against Facebook's rules - but it's difficult to enforce this if the victim doesn't even know they're being impersonated.

Facebook's global head of safety Antigone Davis told Mashable: "We heard feedback prior to the roundtables [on safety on Facebook] and also at the roundtables that this was a point of concern for women ... And it's a real point of concern for some women in certain regions of the world where it [impersonation] may have certain cultural or social ramifications."

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