Facebook is killing it in the U.S.


Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook spent a lot of time blaming global economic conditions for the company's poor guidance. The stock finished down almost 6% today as a result.


But Facebook just reported earnings that blew expecations away, and the stock rose 7% after hours.

One big difference between the companies?

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More of Facebook's revenue still comes from the United States. And it's absolutely cleaning up in its home country.

Here's revenue by region:


FB_revenue by geo


U.S. advertising revenue was $2.8 billion, which is very nearly half of Facebook's total ad revenue.

That's an impressive 64% increase from last year in the U.S., which is a touch higher than the 57% increase across all geographies.

Here's average revenue per user by geography. This is even more interesting:

Facebook ARPU geography



Average ad revenue per user was up 56% in the U.S. - much higher than the 37% total increase across all geographies.

Facebook is a lot smaller than Apple, and it relies on advertisers rather than consumer spending, which insulates it a little better from big economic swings. But the takeaway is that the company is killing it in the US, and that's more than enough to make up for a souring economy worldwide. At least so far.