Facebook 'Reaction' buttons failed to impress, confirms study

Facebook 'Reaction' buttons failed to impress, confirms study

A new study has found out that the 'Reaction' buttons on social networking site Facebook, which were introduced earlier this year, are hardly used.

It was in February this year that Facebook had given its users these reaction buttons to express their feelings in five other ways instead of just hitting a 'Like'.

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However, researchers at Quintly, a US-based company, analysed 130,000 posts to estimate the use of these 'Reaction' buttons, and found out that on an average, Facebook Reactions have low significance, with 97% interactions being likes, comments and shares.

"In this first step of our Facebook Reactions analysis it is clear that Facebook Reactions are not used very frequently by the average at this point," the researchers said.


"In our study, we also broke this share further down and looked at this split excluding shares and comments, which also revealed similar findings," they said.

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