Father’s Day: 6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Dad Feel Special

Father’s Day: 6 Things You
Can Do To Make Your Dad Feel Special
Dads are known to be the providers. Right from your favourite candy in childhood to that dashing car when you grew up – he has taken care of all your needs and demands. Now, turn the tables on him and make the man feel special this Father’s Day. Mommies often get to see our emotional side, but we rarely hold our fathers that close. It’s time to amend that and celebrate Father’s Day in a way that shows how deeply you love him and care for him. Here are six great ideas to make sure that dad won’t forget this day too soon.

1. Wait on him hand and foot
He may not want you to do this. But don’t listen to him. Let him be the King while you remain at his beck and call. From breakfast in bed to doing laundry, playing chauffeur and cooking his favourite dishes – let his wish be your command. He has done all that and more for you all these years. So you should be able to it at least for a day. Take all the pressure off him and gift him the total peace and relaxation that he craves for and deserves as well.

2. Gift him a get-together
Daddies are busy guys. Amid running between home and office and playing perfect hubbies and ideal fathers, old pals often get ignored. So, get in touch with his buddies and gift him a surprise get-together. It may sound a little tough, but you still have a day left to plan things out. Reserve a place at your dad’s favourite restaurant and let the friends have fun over drinks and gourmet dishes.

3. It’s story time, folks!

Didn’t you love listening to bed-time stories from your dad when you were a kid? Relive those magic moments with your father once again, but ask him to tell stories from his life this time. We are sure the man would have many emotional, light-hearted and beautiful anecdotes to share with you. Let him talk!

4. Relive those memories
Take him on a walk down the memory lane with a special album of his life. Collect the snapshots of his childhood, the moments he spent with his father, graduation day, first job, marrying your mom, your birth and all those moments that matter to him. What next? Watch that smile spreading across.

5. Daddy’s day out
He has taken you out for picnics, parties and tours all these years. So just find out where he wants to go this Father’s Day. It could be a leisurely stroll in the garden, an evening out to watch a play or enjoy a musical performance or just an outing with the family. Let him have a fun-filled day that he deserves so much.

6. Surprise him
A sweet surprise, of course! There must be one task that he has always wanted you to do while you detested it. In my case, it was washing the car. So, this Father’s Day, surprise him by doing that chore exactly the way he wants it to be done and see the joy on his face.

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