Bank holidays in May 2023

Bank holidays in May 2023
With the start of a new financial year in April, finance, budgeting, accounting and auditing departments in any commercial entity will start stabilizing in May. One of the hottest months in India, school and college children enjoy holidays in May. Therefore, tours, travels and vacations are the principal activities in May.

You may be diligently planning your finances for the year and may have quite a few investment options done or coming up soon. You may want to plan for the tuition fees of your children and other upcoming expenses in the year ahead. Therefore, quite a few things will keep your financial and banking activities busy in the month of May.

It is good to keep track of bank holidays to plan your banking activities and personal finances in the month of May. The digital revolution has helped grow online banking, and banks are seeing fewer customers walking-in, due to the proliferation of ATMs, online digital transactions and banking functions. However, some important and high volume transactions are reserved for banking hours. There may also be several reasons for you to visit banks in the month of May.

Banks have different types of holidays. Sundays are weekend holidays for banks in India. Other than this, banks do not work on the second and fourth Saturdays of all months. The other types of holidays are national and regional public holidays applicable throughout the country and in specific states respectively. Here is a list of bank holidays in May 2023 so that you can plan your banking and financial activities without any disappointments and disruptions.

Bank holidays in May 2023


The fifth month of the Gregorian calendar i.e., May, has many regional holidays as well as two national holidays as given below:

DateDayHoliday DescriptionApplicable In
1 May 2022SundayMay Day/ Maharashtra DayMay Day – All over India Maharashtra Day in Maharashtra
2 May 2022MondayMaharshi Parasuram JayantiMany states
3 May 2022TuesdayId-ul Fitr, Basava JayantiKarnataka
4 May 2022WednesdayId-ul FitrTelangana
7 May 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
8 May 2023SaturdaySecond SaturdayAll over India
9 May 2022MondayGuru Rabindranath JayantiWest Bengal and Tripura
13 May 2022ThursdayId-ul FitrAll over India
14 May 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
15 May 2023SaturdayFourth SaturdayAll over India
16 May 2022MondayState Day, Buddha PurnimaState Day - Sikkim,Buddha Purnima – Many states
21 May 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India
24 May 2022TuesdayBirthday of Kazi Nazrul IslamTripura
28 May 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll over India

Most banking functions including withdrawals, money transfers and many others have become digital today and therefore the reasons to visit banks personally have become fewer. With their sophisticated software, ATMs can support several banking functions. Therefore, bank holidays may not see you get stranded for most reasons if you plan well in advance.