Bank holidays in July 2022

Bank holidays in July 2022
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Finance and financial planning is important in everyone’s life. When it comes to managing finances, banks plan an important role in our personal and professional lives. We depend on banks for several important functions like maintaining accounts, loans, deposits, safety lockers, money transfers and several others.

Therefore, it becomes highly necessary to keep track of bank holidays so that we are not stuck amidst some important mission, either personal or professional.

Banks have gone digital long back and most banking functions can happen online from the comfort of our hand held devices. Also, withdrawal of money, deposits and some other simple banking functions can also be done at the ATMs that work 24 X 7.

However, for some exclusive banking functions, we may need to visit banks. Also, some kinds of online transactions and banking functions are carried out only on working days. Therefore, knowledge of banking holidays can help.

In India, there are four types of bank holidays namely weekend holidays on Sundays, holidays on the second and fourth Saturdays, national holidays and regional holidays. While the first three are commonly applicable across all banks in the country, the regional holidays are applicable only in concerned states as per the exclusive list of holidays announced in the state gazettes.


Here is a list of bank holidays in July 2022 including all these four types of holidays. However, it is good to double check the list of regional bank holidays in your state.

Bank holidays in July 2022

DateDayHoliday DescriptionApplicable in states
1 July 2022FridayRatha YatraOrissa
3 July 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
5 July 2022TuesdayGuru Hargobind Ji’s BirthdayJammu & Kashmir
6 July 2022WednesdayMHIP DayMizoram
7 July 2022ThursdayKharchi PujaTripura
9 July 2022SaturdayId-Ul-Ad'haAll over India
9 July 2022SaturdaySecond SaturdayAll over India
10 July 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
11 July 2022MondayEid-ul-AzhaAll over India
13 July 2022WednesdayMartyr’s DayJammu & Kashmir
13 July 2022WednesdayBhanu JayantiSikkim
14 July 2022ThursdayBen DienkhlamMeghalaya
16 July 2022SaturdayHarelaUttarakhand
17 July 2022SundayU Tirot Sing DayMeghalaya
17 July 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
23 July 2022SaturdayFourth SaturdayAll over India
24 July 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India
26 July 2021TuesdayKer PujaTripura
31 July 2022SundayHariyali TeejRajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand
31 July 2022SundayMartyrdom Day of Shaheed Udham SinghPunjab and Haryana
31 July 2022SundayWeekend holidayAll over India

After the Covid-19 lockdown, most banking functions have gone online leaving customers with few reasons to visit them in person. ATMs have proliferated and today you find the ATMs of all major banks in every nook and corner of the country.

This makes it convenient to withdraw or deposit money. Nevertheless, if you need to make bank visits, keeping track of bank holidays can also avoid the hassles of planning your bank visits on crowded days which usually are the days before or after holidays and during the first week of every month.

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