Bank holidays in June 2023 - Kabir Jayanti, Bakrid in the list

Bank holidays in June 2023 -  Kabir Jayanti, Bakrid in the list
Schools and colleges remained closed for most part of May for summer holidays. With the start of June, banks may see more footfalls than other months due to these institutions resuming their activities. People approach banks for several reasons like investing, borrowing, operating their accounts, transferring money, safeguarding their valuables, and paying bills. The long list of services banks provide their customers makes them an important component of personal finances and businesses.

Financial planning is a crucially important activity for individuals, businesses and other entities. During June, people and businesses may start implementing their plans for the fiscal year ahead. After consolidating the accounts after the close of the financial year in March, many things would be falling in place during the month of June. Therefore, many people and businesses might need to plan for their investments, loans and other requirements and approach banks accordingly.

The recent decision by the government regarding the demonetization of Rs. 2000 currency notes will see banks expanding their services to take bank the outdated rupee notes. Most banks are operating special counters to accept the demonetized notes and issue notes of other current denominations. So, this situation has added one more reason for people to visit banks personally. The time to exchange the outdated rupee notes is September 2023, but people might not want to wait till the last day to exchange their notes.

Keeping track of bank holidays is essential for financial planning and planning the other banking activities. In India, banks do not work on Sundays like many other private and public sector firms. The bank holidays in India are guided by the policies and guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India. The other holidays for banks include the second and the fourth Saturdays of every month, and regional and national holidays.

Bank holidays in June 2023


The sixth month of the Gregorian calendar i.e., June, has many regional holidays as well as a few national holidays as given below:

Date Day Holiday DescriptionApplicable in
2 June 2023FridayTelangana Formation DayTelangana
4 June 2023 Sunday Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab
4 June 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll Over India
10 June 2023SaturdaySecond SaturdayAll Over India
11 June 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll Over India
14 June 2023 Wednesday Pahili Raja Orissa
15 June 2023 ThursdayRaja SankrantiYMA Day OrissaMizoram
15 June 2023 ThursdayGuru Hargobind Ji's Birthday Jammu and Kashmir
18 June 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll Over India
20 June 2023 Tuesday Ratha Yathra Orissa
10 June 2023SaturdayFourth SaturdayAll Over India
25 June 2023SundayWeekend HolidayAll Over India
29 June 2023 Thursday Bakrid/Eid al Adha All over India except in some states
30 June 2023 Friday Bakrid/Eid al Adha Jammu and Kashmir
30 June 2023 Friday Remna Ni Mizoram

The proliferation of digital payments in India and the ease of banking functions on ATMs have reduced the reasons to visit banks in person. However, some high value transactions and important financial and banking functions are restricted to be carried out during bank hours only. Plan well in advance and you will not be stranded with any challenges posed by bank holidays.