How to activate or deactivate sms alerts through the SBI online portal

How to activate or deactivate sms alerts through the SBI online portal
SMS alert services inform you about the transactions happening on your bank account through short messages sent to your registered mobile number. When you withdraw money from your account or make a payment through debit card / credit card or online banking service, you will receive instant messages informing you the details of the transaction and the amount debited. You will also receive similar messages when any amount is deposited in your account through any mode. SMS alert services make banking a safe and convenient experience for customers.

SBI (State Bank of India) provides a number of convenient facilities to its customers. To start getting SMS alerts about the transactions happening on your account, you need to activate the service. Similarly, you need to deactivate the service if you want to stop receiving SMS alerts for some reasons. Here is how you can activate or deactivate your SMS alert services by visiting the online SBI portal meant for retail customers.

How to activate or deactivate SMS alert services through the SBI online portal

  • Visit the online SBI site and log in using the credentials you have including the username and password meant for your account with the bank.
  • On top of the page, you will find the menu box ‘e-services’. Click on it and you will see a list of options popping down.
  • Choose the ‘SMS alerts services’ option by hovering the mouse over and clicking on it. You will land on the ‘SMS alert registration / updation page.
  • From the list of account numbers you will see, choose the account for which you wish to activate or deactivate the SMS alert services. If you have a single account only, then it is already selected by default.
  • In the next page, you will see the list of services for which the SMS alerts are presently available for your account.
  • The first option you will find is ‘Request for Stop Cheque’. Choose Yes or No from the drop down menu to activate or deactivate the alerts for this service.
  • The other services you will find listed here are debit card purchase, cheque book issue alert, cheque dishonored alert, hold on account, and remove hold on account balance. Depending on whether you choose Yes or No against these items, your SMS alerts on these categories will be activated or deactivated.
  • The other three services you will find below are account getting credited above set limit, account getting debited above set limit, and account balance falls below set limit. These alerts are meant to inform you when the amount credited and debited cross the set value. You can change these values to get the alerts when the account balance falls below or exceeds a particular value.
  • If you want to disable SMS alerts, you need to click on the link you will find below at the bottom of the page.
  • You need to click on ‘update’ for making the changes you have just now initiated. Once you click on this, you will see the message, SMS alert details on XXXXXXXXX, updated successfully.
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