With Rupay Credit Card on UPI, mobile payments pioneer Paytm deepens its leadership in UPI

With Rupay Credit Card on UPI, mobile payments pioneer Paytm deepens its leadership in UPI
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In the realm of mobile payments, UPI stands out as the go-to solution. As the popularity of UPI transactions continues to rise, there has been a lot of innovation in this mode of payments. And at the forefront of driving this innovation is Paytm Payments Bank, revolutionising credit card transactions in India with ground-breaking solutions. Paytm Bank has now taken a leap forward by introducing the seamless integration of RuPay credit cards with UPI for everyday payments, solidifying its position as the ultimate platform for digitally enabled credit card experience.

Through this collaboration between Paytm Payments Bank and the National Payments Corporation of India, this innovative integration empowers users to leverage the benefits of credit cards with every UPI payment, By linking a RuPay credit card to Paytm UPI, users can effortlessly pay merchants by scanning the UPI-enabled QR code via the Paytm app. This eliminates the need to carry cards at all times, streamlining both offline and online payments. As a result, transactions become faster and more efficient. With the UPI ecosystem recording 890 crore transactions worth ₹14.07 lakh crore in April 2023, the potential for RuPay credit cards on UPI is immense.

How to make UPI payments with RuPay Credit Card on Paytm

  • Go to ‘UPI and Payment Settings’ option Paytm App
  • Tap on the ‘Link Rupay Credit Card on Paytm UPI’ option
  • Select your RuPay credit card from the list of authorized cards provided
  • Set a UPI PIN for your RuPay credit card
  • Pay any merchant who accepts UPI payments from Rupay Credit Card by scanning their QR code

India’s leading credit card issuers embrace Rupay Credit Card on UPI

Major credit card issuers in India, including Canara Bank, HDFC Bank, Indian Bank, Punjab National Bank and Union Bank of India, have tirelessly worked to offer RuPay credit cards to the growing user base of 26 crore UPI users. This integration opens up new opportunities for customers across different age groups and backgrounds to use their credit cards, leading to increased card activations and engagement. By linking credit cards with UPI, the advantages for customers and card issuers alike are significant. For customers, using credit cards at any merchant accepting UPI payments is now possible, without draining their bank balance. Additionally, there is no need to carry the card, reducing the chances of fraud and loss.

Meanwhile, card issuers will see incremental spends from smaller merchants who previously did not have the infrastructure to accept card payments. This integration helps activate and engage a wider customer base. RuPay credit cards are issued by various banks in India and offer various benefits such as cashback, discounts, rewards and more. By linking their RuPay credit cards to UPI on the Paytm app, customers can make payments to any merchant who accepts UPI payments from RuPay credit cards by scanning their QR code.


With the introduction of RuPay Credit Card on UPI, Paytm has taken a significant step towards bridging the digital divide and revolutionizing the digital payments landscape. The company recently launched the Paytm SBI Card on the RuPay network that will also enable users to make UPI payments through it soon.

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