Read this to know If you are eligible to avail of SBI doorstep banking service

Read this to know If you are eligible to avail of SBI doorstep banking service
  • The three-weeks-long lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic leaves most of strangled inside our homes.

  • Even during lockdown, you might need the banking services uninterrupted so that your essential requirements are not at stake.

  • Read this to know if you can meet the criteria to avail of SBI’s doorstep banking services.
SBI offers doorstep banking services to its customers including cash delivery or pickup, check pick up, and cheque requisition slip pickup besides some others. During the lockdown period, many bank customers find it difficult to visit the bank’s branches or ATMs. If you need cash during an emergency, some banks will deliver the money at your doorstep. SBI has announced that the bank will provide doorstep banking services to its customers. At present, the service is available only to senior citizens and specially-abled people. SBI will extend this facility to some other category of customers from some select branches.

Who are eligible to avail of doorstep banking services

  • Only a few select branches of SBI will provide the doorstep banking services.
  • SBI doorstep banking services are provided to those who register for the said services at the home branch.
  • Only fully KYC compliant customers can register for the doorstep banking services by SBI.
  • To avail of the services, the account holders must have a valid and registered mobile number and reside within 5 km radius of their home branch.
  • This service is not available for accounts of non-personal nature and minor accounts.
  • Customers operating the accounts jointly will not be able to use these services.
Rules governing the SBI doorstep banking services


  • Withdrawals will be allowed using cheque or withdrawal form accompanying passbook.
  • The amount that can be withdrawn or deposited is restricted to Rs.20,000/ per transaction per day.
  • Doorstep banking services come with service charges. The service charge for non-financial transactions is Rs.60 + GST and it is Rs. 100 + GST for financial transactions.
  • The range of services offered under doorstep banking services includes cash pickup, cash delivery, cheque pickup, cheque requisition slip pickup, form 15H pickup, delivery of drafts, delivery of term deposit advice, KYC documents pick up, life certificate pickup, and some others.
  • The service request can be made at the center on the toll free number 1800111103 between 9 am and 4 pm on the bank working days.
How does the SBI doorstep banking services work

  • Register yourself at the home branch for doorstep banking services.
  • When you need a specific doorstep banking service, call the 1800111103 between 9 am to 4 pm on working days from your registered mobile number.
  • After the call gets disconnected, you need to input the last 4 digits of your account number.
  • After verification, your call will be forwarded to the contact center agent who will record the request.
  • You will be asked about the type of service you need and the convenient time of delivery of the service.
  • You will get an SMS with case ID and the request type.
  • The doorstep banking agent will call you to fix up an appointment and visit your registered address to deliver the service.
  • At both sides, the identity documents will be verified. The service will be initiated at the doorstep on the mobile phone carried by the DSB agent.
  • Once the transaction is complete, the customer will get an SMS for the completed transaction.
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