Meet Young Wall Street's diversity champions

Meet Young Wall Street's diversity champions
Samantha Lee/Insider

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How SVB Leerink is luring top bankers with juicy pay and a big opportunity to build a new dealmaking powerhouse

SVB Leerink has hired a rash of senior bankers this year.

Both the quantity and quality of the hires have grabbed Wall Street's attention. Analysts and veteran executive recruiters said the firm has in short order laid the groundwork to build a competitive full-service healthcare and technology bank.

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8 of the most powerful Black women in money management on microaggressions, mentors, and finding their voice on Wall Street

Meet Young Wall Street's diversity champions
From left: Kim Lew, president and CEO of the Columbia Investment Management Company, Dekia Scott, CIO of Southern Company, Tina Byles Williams, CEO CIO and Founder of Xponance, and Michaela Edwards, partner and portfolio manager at Capricorn Investment Group. Columbia Investment Management Company; Southern Company; Xponance; Capricorn Investment Group; Samantha Lee/Insider

Institutions control $70 trillion in assets - and most of the people who manage that money are white men.

Insider spoke with eight Black women who broke through barriers and now hold some of the most high-profile jobs in finance. They talked about how they handled microaggressions and how they learned to thrive in their jobs.

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Morgan Stanley's CEO wants employees back to the office by Labor Day, but the bank just told its newest crop of juniors they can head in as early as this month

Meet Young Wall Street's diversity champions
Andrew Burton/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Insider

Morgan Stanley set a date for its newest employees to head into the office.

New US-based full-time associates in the investment-banking and global-capital-markets divisions will be eligible to go to the office starting on July 27. For new full-time analysts, the date is August 3, people familiar with the matter told Insider.

Here's the full rundown.


These 4 young people are working to make Wall Street more inclusive by mentoring and empowering others

Meet Young Wall Street's diversity champions
From left to right: Armani Nieves, Alisha Chowdhury, Elizabeth Jimenez, and Allie Reyes Marianne Ayala/Insider

These four young people are mentoring and carving out paths for the next generation in financial services.

The leaders who champion diversity and inclusion told us how they're transforming the industry.

Read about their work here.


Investors are craving 'young and hungry' portfolio managers- and new hedge funds are launching to reap the rewards

Meet Young Wall Street's diversity champions
Blue Origin

Starting in July 2020, there have been three consecutive quarters where more funds were launched than were liquidated - an impressive stat since fundraising meetings and conferences ground to a halt during the throes of the pandemic.

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