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Flaunt your style with these gorgeous handbags

Jun 8, 2021, 14:24 IST
Business Insider India

WOMEN MARKS Women's Handbag (NSB000059_Tan)

The Brown colour from the house of Women Marks is must have in your accessory collection. It has sample compartments to keep all the stuff in place. When carried with the right dress, it will add glamour to your personality. The design of the change pocket is unique. It has enough space to keep things organised. The versatile design can be carried to both formal and casual occasions. This bag has 4 compartments - 2 zipped and 2 buttoned, with ample space for your daily essentials.

Speed X Fashion Women's Handbag (NSB-010-Tan_Tan)

This simple and classy piece can be carried anywhere. It will match all sorts of outfits and all sorts of workplaces. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer or social worker, this bag will reflect well on your personality. It has three big compartments with one being zippered, and two having magnetic button closures. Tan colour, one small zipper at the back, high-quality polyester and synthetic material.

Lapis O Lupo Women Fashion Handbags Faux Leather Top Handle Satchel Purse With Sling

Available in a variety of colours, and extremely stylish, this bag is Amazon’s Choice. The sides are wider than the top allowing you to store bigger things like laptop chargers or umbrellas. There are four metallic buttons at the bottom that allow it to be self-supporting when left on a surface. The base will also be protected from dust and scratches because of these buttons. Three wide zippered compartments, chic design, marvellous stitching, and comfortable handles.

Lavie Horse Women's Satchel

Available in mustard and brown, this bag has two main compartments, a zipper between the compartments, and a few pouches on the inside. There’s a place for everything; phone, pens, wallet, keys, diary, make-up, etc. Also, the handles have a comfortable padding so that your shoulders or arms don’t get sore. Vegan leather, short and long handles, tasteful design, and sturdy build.

FLYING BERRY Women's Handbag (Set of 3)

This set, consisting of a sling bag, handbag and wallet, is an absolute beauty. They all have the same posh and chic design with silver metallic buttons embellished on both sides. The handbag has three compartments that are ideal for all your handbag essentials. It is made from premium quality PU leather and is very strong. Available in 6 colours, satin material on the interior, and very appealing to look at.

Fostelo Women's Catlin Handbag (Maroon) (FSB-1033)

Handbags usually have two main zippers, but this one comes with three. No, it doesn’t make the bag bulky. It’s a chic maroon bag that’s fit for work or casual outings. Made from high-quality faux leather, this bag looks great and will carry all your belongings with ease. The stitching is outstanding, and the handles are sturdy and comfortable. Wide base, resilient, and has an extra zipper at the back.

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