Flipkart has big plans apart from the ‘Big Billion Day’ sale. Here’s what they’re planning.

Flipkart has big plans apart from the ‘Big Billion Day’ sale. Here’s what they’re planning. With an aim to make October a month of great surprises for e-shoppers as well as for the e-tailer itself, Flipkart has revealed some aggressive plans to grab a big share of India’s ever-growing mobile market as it kicks off a day of heavy-discounted sale for mobile phone buyers.

Ankit Nagroi, the chief business officer of Flipkart, said that it’s a time to go head-on with both offline as well as online competitors. In an exclusive interview to The Economic Times, Nagroi also hinted that this strategy will help the online retailer to notch up another 5% of market share in mobile phone sales.

With Flipkart claiming that the mega-sale is heading towards success this year, the e-tailer is now expecting to sell one out of every four mobile phones sold in the country.

While talking about the Big Billion Day sale, Nagroi said that Flipkart expects a huge frenzy around the mobile category this time."

Claiming to be the number one mobile seller in the online and offline market, Nagroi stated that at present one in five mobile phones are sold on Flipkart; and in October, one out of every four phones will be sold on Flipkart.


Interestingly, India has emerged as a profitable market for the smartphone makers in the recent times with a consumption of an average of 20-23 million units every month.

Analysts, on the other hand, point out that while Flipkart is the largest mobile phone marketplace, it may not be selling as much as a fifth of all the phones sold.

Faisal Kawoosa, the lead analyst (telecoms practice) at CyberMedia Research’s , said, "We recently concluded that between 22-25% of all mobile phone sales happen online and Flipkart could be selling the largest chunk but others are also doing well."