Flipkart's Chief Technology Officer reveals the secret to creating happy customers

Flipkart's Chief Technology Officer reveals the secret to creating happy customersCustomers are paramount in any user-centric product organization. Although it’s hard to build a delightful experience for a single user, it’s incredibly hard to build delightful experiences for tens of millions of users and do it every day. That’s the nature of the challenge we’re facing here at Flipkart: scaling delight and growing our reach at an incredible pace.

When Flipkart first started, finding things online, especially through a mobile device, was un-common. Flipkart had to introduce the breakthrough Cash-On-Delivery (COD) service in India and a number of other product innovations just for people to buy books conveniently. Now, each month we deliver more than 8 million products to happy customers across India, all of which start with an interaction on one of our many Flipkart and Myntra properties.

To do that, we’re pushing the boundaries of technology and processes. Our recently launched Flipkart Lite web app was done as a partnership with Google. The mobile site is a sophisticated piece of technology because it emulates a native-like application feeling at a fraction of the data cost and doesn’t require a download. Technology aside, we challenged our engineers to come up with a solution for the hundreds of millions of Indians who are about to make the leap from feature to smartphone and will have limited data at their disposal. Our services ring hollow if we’re unable to make them available for all the consumers we aspire to serve.

On the other hand, we challenged ourselves to come up with a way to make shopping more delightful for the millions of Indians who shop with Flipkart every day. Shopping, like many other activities, are social in nature. We decided to develop our in-app chat experience, Ping, while thinking about how to make the shopping experience more connected and delightful. Chatting with your friends or family for gifts and items is just the start of how we think real-time messaging can compliment shopping and commerce. We’re excited to roll out many new innovations leveraging Ping soon.

Creating a workplace that allows for incredible product development requires tremendous talent and thoughtfulness. At Flipkart we’ve worked hard to put together the best product and tech team to solve the complex and dynamic challenges India poses. Unlike other nations, India’s varied consumers and infrastructure requires an equally flexible team and product culture. We’ve blended many styles of work ranging from top tech and consulting firms worldwide to solve these challenges.


With the user as our guiding light we’re assembling the absolute best group of product builders and thinkers to enable and expand commerce in India through technology. Stay tuned!

(This article is authored by Peeyush Ranjan, Chief Technology Officer, Flipkart)

(Image: Indiatimes)