Floyd Mayweather reportedly flew to Iceland just to take an Instagram photo - and it looks like he did the same in Paris and Russia

Where does Floyd Mayweather livePhoto by Patrick Smith/Getty ImagesFloyd Mayweather.Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

  • Floyd Mayweather reportedly flew all the way to Iceland in his private jet just to take a photo for Instagram.
  • He then appears to have flown to Paris for a photo of the Eiffel Tower, and to Russia to take a snap shooting guns.
  • He has Dubai in the diary for Friday.
  • Floyd Mayweather is living his best life.

Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather was always renowned for landing the perfect shot, and his flawless record of 50 wins from 50 fights shows that he mastered the art of hitting while barely getting hit in return.

Even in retirement he is still taking shots, though the ones he is taking now are with a camera rather than his gloves.

Mayweather, 41, reportedly flew all the way from America to the other side of the planet just to take an Instagram photo, according to US Weekly.

"Floyd flew to Iceland on a private jet to take pictures for Instagram," a source reportedly told US Weekly. "It's just him and some members of his team. He didn't even spend the night."

The American documented his journey on social media. It all began on his private jet, the AirMayweather.

He then flew to Iceland to check out the hot springs at Blue Lagoon near Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Shortly after, he watched a boxing fight on a big TV in Paris, took a photo of himself in front of the Eiffel Tower, and ended the European leg of his trip by shooting guns in Grozni in Russia.

Here's Mayweather in front of his private jet:

"Time to do what I do best… explore the world! First stop, Iceland," he said.

Mayweather's next post was a video of the Blue Lagoon - and it's been like over 230,000 times.

"Life is all about experiencing different things," he said. "So, I decided to come check out Iceland. It is one of the most sought out countries for hot springs. What better place than the Blue Lagoon to experience first while in Iceland."

"I'm on paycation! It's always gang green."

Mayweather's next photo, uploaded just one day later, was geo-stamped in Paris.

This photo shows him watching a fight in what is probably his hotel room.

A trip to Paris would not be complete without an obligatory photo of the Eiffel Tower.

That same day, Mayweather also posted a video of him shooting guns at a range in Grozni, Russia.

"Keep on thinking I could just hit the target with my hands," he said.

Mayweather's world tour is not yet complete, as there is one more stop - to Dubai - in the diary for Friday.

After that, he might decide to return home to his $25 million Los Angeles mansion which has a candy shop, a 12-seat cinema, and a wine rack with 225 bottles.

Floyd Mayweather is living his best life.

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