Follow this simple guide to make changing a tire much easier

Flat tires are no fun. And with advancements in tire technology, they happen less frequently than they once did. In fact, some tires don't even need to be changed if they blow out - they can "run flat" for a short period of time.

Still, flats and blowouts do occur, and most motorists dread the next step: changing the tire. A lot of people will actually sit in their car with the flat unattended, call a roadside-assistance service, and wait for a pro to do the dirty work.Advertisement

That's fine, but there are several things you can do to make changing a tire much easier and less intimidating. Obviously, you need to be acquainted with the process of jacking up the car, loosening the lug nuts, and removing the tire and wheel. But if you know how to do that and are still reluctant to make the change, here are some tips.