For $10-20, these wraps can give you the iPhone design of your dreams

I previously wrote about Colorware's $1,900 gorgeous Retro iPhone 7, which is, indeed, gorgeous. However, the closest I'd get to owning a Retro iPhone 7 would be in my dreams, because of its insanely high price tag.

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with an affordable way to dress your iPhone in a classy and tasteful classic Apple Mac computer theme.


slickwraps retro wraps


Slickwraps, a mobile accessories company, is seemingly bringing my dreams to reality. It makes $20 wraps and $37 cases for your iPhone that look nearly identical to Colorware's Retro iPhone 7, but it also makes plenty of other designs for those out there looking for a different look than what Apple provides by default.Slickwraps is just one of the many companies that make iPhone wraps. Check it out:

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