Forget the iPhone 8 - the iPhone 7 is going to be an incredible deal later this year

I really love the iPhone 7.

Sure, the functionality is almost identical to last year's iPhone 6s. But with a few software tweaks and additions, plus that gorgeous all-metal design with the hidden antenna lines, the iPhone 7 might be my favorite iPhone ever.

iPhone 7

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

When it's off and sitting on a flat surface, the iPhone 7 looks like one seamless slab of glass. It looks incredibly sleek and smooth- especially in that sweet matte black color.
Looking at the iPhone 7, it's easy to see where Apple is going with the iPhone, design-wise. I could picture a similar iPhone where the display takes up more of the actual surface, perhaps with a glass back that mirrors the front to give off more of that whole "one slab of glass" vibe. In fact, that's exactly what's being rumored for the iPhone 8 - all of that, plus a slimmer form factor, a better camera, and maybe even wireless charging to boot.

iPhone 8 Concept


An iPhone 8 concept.

But the iPhone doesn't need any of those things. Sure, those additions will make for a stellar device in the iPhone 8, but the iPhone 7 is already a first-class phone. I don't wish it had wireless charging, or a larger, more vibrant screen - those things don't feel like missing features.

And so, when Apple inevitably releases a new iPhone lineup later this year, filled with all sorts of bells and whistles, don't forget that Apple will almost certainly drop the price of its current iPhones to make room for the new ones. If Apple follows tradition, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will get $100 price drops; the iPhone 7 could cost $550 instead of $650, and the iPhone 7 Plus could cost $670 instead of $770. Considering the iPhone 8 is expected to cost over $1,000, the iPhone 7 is almost certainly going to be the best deal you can get for a top-of-the-line iPhone experience.

Just keep that in mind later this year: Everyone will focus on the new iPhone, which will be great and shiny and new, but don't sleep on the "old" iPhone 7, especially at that lower price point. You'll save several hundred dollars, and still own one helluva device.
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