Former Indian cricket captain Anil Kumble teams up with Microsoft to capture batting details with AI

  • Anil Kumble’s Spektacom has developed technology which can provide real-time batting performance data.
  • Microsoft partnered with Spektacom to create and launch the product under its Scale Up program.
  • Star India has signed up to be the broadcasting partner for Spektacom.
Indian spinner, third highest wicket-taker and former Indian captain Anil Kumble has joined forces with Microsoft to launch a sensor sticker that’s as small as a credit card to provide real-time batting insights. The tech giant and Spektacom unveiled the first batting performance monitor on Thursday.

Bengaluru-based Spektacom, founded by Anil Kumble, announced the first AI chip to enhance the match analysis experience for fans and viewers. The miniature device, popularly known as ‘’Power Bat’’ makes extensive use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) services to get data on the batting shot. The data once captured is uploaded to Microsoft Azure sphere (an IoT application), after which it can be displayed through broadcasting services, reported the company website.

Further, Star India, which has all the TV rights for BCCI cricket has agreed to be the broadcasting partner to promote and popularise Power Bat.

Features of the Power Bat

  • Weighs only 5 grams
Surprisingly, the AI chip which can collect data of every shot weighs less than 5 grams. It sticks on the rear end of the bat causing no distraction to the batsman. The company has assured that the device is non-intrusive and will have no impact on batsman’s performance.

  • Captures data in 4 parameters : Speed, Quality, Twist and Power
The device considers four parameters while gathering data as soon as the batsman hits a shot. They are: Quality of the shot (calculated in percentages), Speed of the bat (measured using kmph), Twist (measured in degrees) and Power (measured in specs)

  • Transmits data for cloud analysis
The smart sticker not only captures data but also process it further for cloud analysis. The data is processed through Microsoft Azure Sphere which ensures that the data is secured and processed properly.

  • Uses bluetooth low energy to upload cloud data
Owing to the restrictions levied on cricket grounds to not use wireless connectivity, Spektacom has used bluetooth low energy to transfer data to Azure. Stump Box, powered by Microsoft Azure provides secure connectivity in transferring data using bluetooth technology.

Presently, the use of AI chip is limited to cricket only but Spektacom is planning to make it available for other sports such as hockey, baseball and golf. Moreover, the company also has plans to commercialise the product in the near future.
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