Former Trump aide Jason Miller said he hired prostitutes and visited massage parlors, court documents say

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Senior Advisor Jason Miller arrives at Republican president-elect Donald Trump's Trump Tower in New York, U.S. November 13, 2016.

  • Jason Miller, a Republican operative and former aide to President Trump, said he had extramarital affairs, hired prostitutes, and visited massage parlors, according to court documents obtained by Mediaite.
  • He was deposed as a part of a defamation lawsuit Miller filed against media company Gizmodo.
  • In the deposition, Miller says he visited "Asian themed" massage parlors in several cities for sexual services, and hired prostitutes while married.
  • Miller sued Gizmodo for defamation after it reported on an allegation by Miller's former mistress, AJ Delgado, that he had given a Florida stripper abortion drugs after impregnating her.
  • Gizmodo's story was based on a sealed court case over a custody battle for the son Delgado and Miller had together.
  • Miller strenuously denies those accusations and says Gizmodo's story was untrue.
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A former aide to President Donald Trump has said that he hired prostitutes and visited "Asian themed" massage parlors for sexual services during his time on Trump's staff, according to court documents.

Jason Miller made the statements in a defamation lawsuit against media company Gizmodo, during a court deposition made in Washington DC that was first reported by Mediaite.Advertisement

Miller is suing Gizmodo for defamation after it reported an allegation made by Miller's ex-mistress, AJ Delgado, that he had given a Florida stripper abortion medication in a smoothie drink after she became pregnant with his child.

He strenuously denies the allegation and says the story was untrue.

Delgado - an ex-Trump staffer - made the claims last year in a sealed filing in a court battle over custody of her son with Miller.

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In the new deposition, which was made on May 30 and filed in the District of Columbia, Miller says he had two affairs with campaign staffers while on the Trump campaign trail and while his wife was pregnant with their second child. He admits to "additional indiscretions," including visiting "Asian themed" massage parlors in New York, Washington DC, Miami and in the state of Virginia. Advertisement

When asked if the visits were "sexual themed" he said: "I've gotten a ... a hand job at a massage parlour." Miller said this happened four or five times.

In the deposition, Miller says he hired a prostitute in 2015, and then again in 2017, shortly after an attempted reconciliation with his wife.

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Jason Miller


He says that he last visited a massage parlor in New York only "a couple of months" before his deposition testimony.

Miller went on to say he visited strip clubs in Florida between 2000 and 2016, but says he did not have sex with any strippers.

In a statement to Mediaite, Miller said "I am not commenting on the lawsuit. I know I am an imperfect person and have made a number of mistakes in my life. Advertisement

"I love my family and have spent much of the past two years asking for forgiveness and working to prove my commitment to them and to become a better person for them. I'm extremely grateful we've been able to keep our family together.

"Others I've disappointed with my actions will see a pathway toward forgiveness and some may not, but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying."

Miller's attorney did not immediately respond to a request from Business Insider for further comment.Advertisement

Miller served as a senior communications adviser to the Trump campaign, and was named as White House communications director when Trump was waiting to take office in late 2016.

He withdrew from the position before Trump's inauguration, following allegations of an affair.This story was originally published by Gizmodo.Advertisement