Game Of Thrones Season 8 Last Episode - Predictions And what Fans can expect

Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting to know the ending of the GOT final episode. Here we study what clues do the final trailer of the GOT give about the episode 6.

The fact remains that the trailer of the final episode that landed shortly after the airing of episode 5 did not give much homework for the fans. However, the anticipations have ramped up that the show will feature a brutal conclusion.

A theory propounded by some fans postulates that after having burned the King’s landing to the ground in the earlier episode, Daenerys will turn a mad queen in her anxious passion to sit on the Iron Throne to rule over the Seven Kingdoms.

Night King has been already defeated and the Lannisters are now out of the equation. Only a handful of contenders for the Iron Throne are seen in front of us. This will make the showdown between Jon Snow and Daenerys a bigger possibility.

Yet another theory says that Jamie Lannister who lost her life during the penultimate episode along with her sister ad lover Cersei is in fact alive. As per the observations of the fans, the cast members did not pay tribute to Nicolaj Coster-Waldau on the social media which suggests that he could have escaped the crumbling mess in the King’s landing. It was also said that the exit interviews with the cast members as and when they were killed off could not give any reliable information. However, to a fan’s question the reply was that that “I am holding mine with Coster-Waldau.

So, what might happen during the final season can be the best surprise of the year.

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