GameStop exec says the Nintendo Switch will have supply issues until 2018


gamestop line


If you've been waiting to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, you may have to wait a whole lot longer.

Despite Nintendo reportedly doubling production from 8 million to 16 million over the next financial year, video game retailer GameStop has said it expects supply shortages until at least 2018.

The retailer's COO Tony Bartel explained during the company's Q4 earnings call that they are struggling to keep stock on the shelves.


"There's tremendous demand for [the Switch] and we just don't know how high it is because every time we get it out in our stores it's literally gone," Bartel said.

He added that he anticipates GameStop will be "chasing supply this entire year," including throughout the holiday season.

For now, it seems like the only sure-fire way to get your hands on a Switch is by emptying your wallet on eBay, where sellers are fetching nearly twice the console's MSRP.


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