GE Is Building A Microwave That Will Count The Calories In Your Food


Calorie counting microwave

General Electric

Prototype of the microwave

GE is making it impossible for you to be in denial about how fattening your mom's pecan pie really is.

The company is planning on making low energy (meaning it doesn't alter your food) microwaves that can count the calories in a meals.

GE says it is still working out the kinks, but so far, it has created one that measures the calories of homogenized mixtures of oil, water, and sugar, according to Gizmodo.

By utilizing sensor technology, the microwave can estimate calories by measuring the weight, fat content and water content.

GE eventually wants to link an activity monitor and wireless scale to the Calorie Counter to monitor your health and calorie balance - with the data accessible on your tablet or smartphone.

See how it would work here: