Geniuses Create A Mug That Can Brew Its Own Coffee


Travel mugs that can keep your coffee warm have been around for quite some time, but a new invention can actually brew fresh cups of coffee while you're on the road.

The Hey Joe Coffee Mug is essentially a miniature portable coffee machine that you can also drink out of.

After inserting one of the company's coffee pods, you simply need to press a button on the cup to brew another batch of coffee.


With 28 days to go, the company has already raised nearly half of its $20,000 goal on Kickstarter.

The Hey Joe Coffee Mug will sell for $69 when it launches in November, and here's a look at how it works.

The mug is battery powered, which means you need to eventually plug it in to charge it. The battery is detachable.


To start making coffee, you first need to add water.

Then insert your coffee in the mug's tray.

Press the button, and the coffee will begin brewing.


You can also control the temperature of your coffee by pressing the button. Press once for 140 degrees Fahrenheit, press twice to bump it up to 155 degrees, and press it three times for cold drip coffee.


Hey Joe Coffee/ Kickstarter

The mug comes with two different blends of arabica coffee beans-a medium and a dark roast.


Hey Joe Coffee

There are seeds embedded in Hey Joe's coffee packets, so after you brew a cup you can plant it and flowers will grow.


Hey Joe claims the coffee brews in a matter of minutes after pressing the button. There's a heating plate in the center of the mug that's powered by the battery located at the bottom.

The company also plans to put out its own line of Hey Joe tea after its Kickstarter campaign concludes. Check out the full video below.