Get ready to shop with Tata Unistore this Diwali

Get ready to shop with Tata Unistore this Diwali Tata Unistore, a Tata Group business enterprise is all set to encash this Diwali season with its hybrid online retailing venture. The group will launch India’s first such scheme which reportedly would be an amalgamation of services like brand lists, payment transactions, brick-and-mortar stores that will set prices, deliver products and provide customer support.

As per an Economic Times report, Tata Group is talking to brands of all categories; smart phones, electronic items and fashion brands for integrating with their offline stores. The company moreover is focusing on rural markets and sources aware of the development have said that orders will be dispatched by designated offline stores.

"The Tata e-commerce venture will act as a frontline sales hook for offline stores and will play on customer experience, assured after sales support and wide reach. It is expected to drive sales of high-ticket items whose online sales are still limited," one of the Tata group executives told ET.

Another Tata Group spokesperson informed, "Indeed e-commerce is of interest to the Tata Group. We will share more information at the appropriate moment."

The venture’s USP is going to be that the organization won’t indulge into price war with the brands like other eCommerce businesses. Tata Unistore officials have said that discounts will be decided by the brands and won't vary much from their in-store promotions.


Devangshu Dutta, CEO at retail consultancy Third Eyesight said, "Discounting isn't a sustainable model and many players have started to realise the pitfalls of attracting consumers just through pricing."

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