Get user data without getting your app uninstalled. Here’s how

Get user data without getting your app
uninstalled. Here’s howAs a marketer, we realize that the more data we can get from users, the better we serve them. However, users aren't generally enthusiastic about doling out their data. Truth be told, Studies uncover that 60% of users say they have picked not to install an app in the past after finding out how much personal information the app requested.

So how do you get that useful data without hampering user experience?

Extra Lives for data

Numerous apps have discovered approaches to harness the influence of gamification by requesting data in return for extra bonuses, obviously the apps that do this best are gaming apps themselves.

Many gaming apps center their entire adaptation system on getting users snared to their games and requiring that users pay genuine money to advance in the game. Where users will give money to get a few bonus lives and new character skins, they'll be considerably all the more ready to give data.


Onboarding Process

The concentration of an app onboarding procedure is to highlight your app's value and demonstrate to new users how to get the most out of it. Due to this, onboarding is the ideal chance to get some information before they dive into your app. For the best reaction, underline how your data collection will improve the app experience for the user.

In Exchange for Promo Codes

Retail apps may consider approaching users for data in return for a special discount.

People love getting a decent deal, and when you're offering a promo code or discount for a product they need, users will regularly give a touch of bonus data to get to the offer.

To be precise, concentrate on relationship building. That implies making inquiries through social, figuring out how to make powerful hashtags and having continuous chats with people.