Glow Wants To Make It Easy For Every Woman At Your Company To Get Pregnant


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The Office / NBC

Glow, the buzzy fertility app founded by former PayPal executive Max Levchin, just launched Glow for Enterprise.


Glow is a mobile application that uses data to analyze the best time for a woman to get pregnant.

Users enter personal details about their menstrual cycles, body temperatures, and other habits. The app adapts as the user enters more and more data. When the time is right for conception, the app alerts both the woman and her partner.

The first two companies to partner with Glow are hot startups Eventbrite and Evernote.

With Glow for Enterprise, Eventbrite and Evernote employees will get access to personalized knowledge about their reproductive health and a free membership to Glow First, the company's not-for-profit crowdfunding platform that helps reduce the cost of fertility treatments.


Typical Glow First users pay $50 a month for up to 10 months to the fund. But if she doesn't get pregnant in that time, she could withdraw money to help pay for fertility treatments. If she does, the money would be donated to help other women get pregnant.

Eventbrite and Evernote employees will now be able to access that program for free.

As of December, Glow had successfully helped over 1,000 women get pregnant. To date, the company has raised $6 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund.