Look how Google celebrated India's 70th Independence Day

Look how Google celebrated India's 70th Independence Day
India celebrated its 70th Independence Day yesterday, and along with billions of Indians, global tech giant Google was not far behind when it came to celebrate the big day.

To mark the occasion, Google offered its users some interesting features which made them feel patriotic while enjoying the day in their own digital style.

Along with these features, here is what the Independence Day meant for Google users in India.
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Google Search
Google search allowed Indians to travel back into time so that they could take a virtual feel of India’s freedom struggle, and that too in their local languages. This could also be done by entering voice commands, or typing your questions regarding Indian independence in 11 Indian languages, including Hindi, Bangla, Punjabi, Assamese, Oriya, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada using Indic keyboard.


Google Translate
People who were out wandering must have come across signs in some local languages, which they would have wanted to be translated. Rather than looking for someone to translate it for them, they used Google Translate and scanned those printed texts so that the app could translate it for them in their own language.

Google Maps
This year, Independence Day came on a Monday, giving Indians a much-awaited long weekend, which they spent on weekend getaways. To help them breeze through unknown roads, Google Maps ensured a wonderful travel experience, along with the features of traffic alert and voice commands. People also used these maps offline, by downloading maps prior to the trip and then using them even without an internet connection.

Google Cultural Institute
Those enjoying the long weekend at home were able to have a virtual tour of the monuments that have a history of being associated with India’s freedom struggle, via the Google Cultural Institute, featuring more than 45,000 artworks in high resolution.

Google Now
Using Google Now, users were able to check news updates, weather forecasts and to nearby sightseeing options.

Google users also enjoyed streaming their favorite patriotic movies, documentaries or songs on YouTube, while also making use of its offline capabilities, to avoid buffering.