Google is rumored to unveil a new 4K Chromecast that's cheaper than Roku's new 4K streamer


Google is rumored to unveil a brand new Chromecast media streamer during its October 4 event, supposedly called the "Chromecast Ultra" or "Chromecast Plus."


Newly leaked renders of the upcoming Chromecast Ultra/Plus suggests it'll look similar to previous Chromecast models, if a little bigger.

chromecast ultra


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The new Chromecast is said to come with support for 4K resolution video, and it'll apparently cost $65 - an additional $30 over the regular Chromecast that streams in 1080p.

On Monday, Chromecast's main competitor Roku announced its new lineup of media streaming devices. There are now five new Roku streaming boxes to chose from with varying features, one of which is said to be a "Chromecast killer."


The new $30 Roku Express has similar features as Google's Chromecast, like 1080p streaming and app support, for $5 less. If 4K streaming is what you seek, Roku's new $80 Premier streaming box will be your cheapest choice.

If the rumors are true, Google's new Chromecast would cost $15 less than Roku's 4K offering.

Everything about the upcoming Chromecast is still hearsay, and nothing is confirmed until Google unveils its new products at its event on October 4.

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