Google just launched a bunch of free new faces for its smart watch in the Google Play store




Google announced Monday that it is adding 17 new faces for its smart watch.


There are also more than 1,500 free, downloadable watch faces available in the Google Play store, ranging from designer ones by Cynthia Rowley to children's ones like Hello Kitty.

The new faces and bands may be an effort to further distinguish Google's smart watch from Apple's. The two devices offer many of the same features like fitness-tracking, apps, voice-control navigation, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. The Apple Watch sports edition is the cheapest model at $350 while the most inexpensive Android Wear watch sells for $200.

Google also may make its devices iPhone compatible with its Android Wear software. Third-party developers reportedly discovered "iOS related code" back in April.

Apple CEO Tim Cook seemed confident about the Apple Watch's position in the market at the Goldman Sach's Technology and Internet Conference in February.


He said at the conference, "There are several things that are called 'smart watches' that are shipping, but I'm not sure you could name any [others]. Maybe you could. I'm not sure the audience could name very many. But certainly there's been none that have changed the way people live their lives."

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