Google sets up People Finder for Nepal earthquake

Google sets up People Finder for Nepal earthquakeTracking someone down the areas amidst natural calamity like an earthquake is a tough ask but Google has drifted itself into the scheme of things with the People finder service. In events like this panic and mayhem are bound to crop up which is why the use of technology becomes pivotal and People Finder could be the right way to maneuver across millions of people and finding your friends or relatives.

As you can see, People finder lets you feed in the details about the person you are eagerly looking for, either by information shared by others using the service or you can simply help someone else by putting their record into the platform.

Google sets up People Finder for Nepal earthquake


Particularly updated for the recent tragedy in Nepal, Google is offering People finder support in English and Nepali. For those unaware, an earthquake of 7.9 on Richter scale had rocked Nepal earlier in the morning. It is feared that close to 114 people have lost their lives in this tragedy.

Share information, derive some for yourself and spread the word to as many as you can in the light of this rude awakening disaster.