Google sold more than 6.8 million Home smart speakers during the holiday season

Google Home

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Google says it has sold more than 6.8 million Google Home devices since October.
  • That's more than one device every second.

Google's effort to catch up to Amazon in the nascent smart speaker market is gaining steam.

In a Friday post on Google's Keyword blog, head of product Rishi Chandra revealed that Google has sold more than one Home smart speaker device every second since October.

According to Business Insider's quick calculations, that's at least 6.8 million Home devices sold during the holiday season.

Google currently offers three Home devices - the original Home, the Home Max, and the Home Mini - but it didn't break out sales figures for the individual devices.

Smart speakers, which use voice recognition and virtual assistants to let users find information, order food and listen to music, have emerged as an important new computing platform that some observers believe could eventually replace smartphones.

While Amazon - Google's main competitor in the smart speaker space - hasn't revealed exactly how many Echo devices it's sold, it pegged the number of its competing Echo Dot sales in the millions.

The strong sales of Google Home devices came despite a rocky launch.

Before the Home Mini began shipping in October, one reviewer discovered that the device was quietly recording his conversations without his knowledge or consent. Google was forced to permanently disable a button on the top of the that let users activate voice recognition, stop an alarm, or pause or resume music.

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