Google to set up a new campus in India: Sundar Pichai

Google eyes Indian market as one of its most important market. To invest more here, Google will hire people and set up a new campus, chief executive Sundar Pichai said during his two day visit in India.

"We will build new campus, ramp up engineering presence in Hyderabad to make products for India; and increase hiring in Bengaluru, Pichai told.

The company is also partnering with the National Skill Development Council to train 2 million developers in India.

"We will be ready to provide free Wi-Fi services at 100 railway stations in India by the end of 2016,"Pichai added.

India, according to Google, is among the top 5 countries using offline maps today. "We are focused on keeping Maps relevant for India," Jen Fitzpatrick, VP for Maps, Google told ET.

(Image credits: indiatimes)