Here’s what you should do when you get a counter offer from your organisation!

Here’s what you should do when you get a counter offer from your organisation!
You ahave put in your papers and you have been called by the HR. Your company makes you a counter offer, which is very lucrative. So what should you do? Should you still continue with your resignation? Is it a wise idea to accept the counteroffer and stay in the same company?

“Counter Offer phenomenon exists across the board, regardless of size, nationality, scope of the employer organisation and its acceptance also cuts across gender, experience and education level of the individuals in question,” said Joseph Devasia, managing director of Antal Consultants International.

According to a study by the organisation, most counter offers are made to employees in the middle and senior level management. Employees generally belong to the age group of 29 years to 45 years. However, the findings of the survey are not much encouraging. Respondents have accepted that promises made during the counter offer have not been kept.

The report found out that 82% respondents, who were promised a title change, are still continuing with the same designation and title. On the other hand, 73% respondents, who were promised a change in their job profile, were still performing the same role. Sadly, 58% of the respondents, who were promised a compensation hike as part of the counter offer, never got any increase.
Similarly, the issues that led to resignation in the first place have remained unresolved. The survey suggested that 52% employees said that the organisation made no change in the concerns that prompted them to put in their papers in the first place – primary among them were inability to manage work life balance, and limitations with role scope itself.
“Nearly 83% of such respondents reported that when they spoke to their bosses about the issues being persistent, the bosses threw up their hands and firmly told them that they (the bosses) can’t change any issue/situation,” noted Devasia.

Interestingly, the callous attitude of the organisation towards their employees has resulted in employees looking for a job again. As per the study, 55% of the respondents reported increased levels of unhappiness and a decline in their commitment. While 33% of the respondents who were experiencing these negative emotions, when contacted for the survey, have already moved to other organisations.

So, what should one do when faced with a counter offer from their current employer?

Devasia suggested that if a job seeker has already reached a stage with a prospective employer, and there still some ambiguity regarding the shift, it is better to ask for clarity before advancing towards the offer.

“Once you accept the offer, there is increased expectations on resignation – where apart from the pain of separation, you will most likely be counter offered – Do yourself a favour- don’t put yourself in an emotionally exhausting situation. Stay the course and abide by your commitment. If you have decided to move, do just that,” he asserted.

Additionally, he said, “Ask yourself, if you are looking to renege on your commitment to the new employer, what guarantees that your current boss will not renege on his promises to you?”

So, the next time, you are counter offered a job post your resignation, it is advisable that you sit and think through the decision. If there have been too many unresolved challenges in your current organisation, chances are that they will remain the same.