Gregg Popovich had a fantastic reaction after the Spurs were blown out in a jarring Game 1 loss to the Rockets


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Darren Abate/AP

The San Antonio Spurs lost in eyebrow-raising fashion to the Houston Rockets in Game 1 of the second round on Monday.

The Spurs were blown out 129-99, at one point trailing by 39, as the Rockets connected on 22 threes in a blitzkrieg in San Antonio.

On Tuesday, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was asked about adjustments to the Rockets' hot shooting in Game 1 and had an unexpected response, considering the circumstances.

"What do I know, we just lost by 50?" Popovich said while laughing. "What are you asking me questions for anyway? Ask somebody who knows something, who can fix this."

As opposed to a stern, angry Popovich that could be expected after such a loss, Popovich seemed to be in a jovial mood with reporters. When asked if there was a silver lining in the loss, knowing San Antonio couldn't play worse, Popovich laughed again and said, "Okay, we'll take that one, too. Pile it on. Pile it on."


Popovich also explained that after a big loss, it doesn't help to force players into a long, torturous film session.

"It should always be very specific and pointed. You can't do a whole clinic in the playoffs, it's pretty late in the year. You figure out what you did well and what you did poorly, what you think you can improve on and if you can make any adjustments and get them out of there and go play Game 2. We've been in these situations before where we've won by a lot, lost by a lot. Everybody knows. They're all pros. You go to the next game and see if you can get a win."

Popovich did also sneak another politics joke into the conversation when asked if he had any wine after the game.

"I didn't have any wine," Popovich said. "More fake news. It's everywhere."

Obviously, there's reason for the Spurs to panic, given how outmatched they looked in Game 1. But by the sounds of things Popovich isn't too concerned just yet, and if any team has the history to rebound, it's the Spurs.


Watch Popovich's comments below:

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