Groupon made a sex joke, and it ended up being the company's most popular Facebook post ever


Banana Bunker


If you think you're laughing at Groupon, think again.

The post that ended up being the company's most popular Facebook upload ever was a joke that Groupon was totally in on. 

Groupon, which offers deals on various products and services all over the country, advertised a deal on something called "The Banana Bunker" - a plastic container for fruit.

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It was shared over 44,000 times.

We're contractually obligated to let you know every time the Banana Bunker is featured on our site.

Posted by Groupon on Thursday, March 26, 2015

You can decide for yourself what you think it looks like.


Groupon didn't stop there - it replied to every single user who commented with a sex joke.



And there were a lot of comments.

Banana Bunker


AdWeek talked to Bill Roberts, head of global communication for Groupon, about the Facebook post.


From AdWeek's interview,

How long did it take to reply to every comment?
We tried our best to reply to every comment. In the end we replied to between 150 and 200. The responses we gave were immediate, so maybe 2 hours total, all in. We didn't brainstorm responses as a group-it was really more about keeping up with the volume of comments that were coming in.

Is it still going? Are you still replying?
It is still going, but the momentum has slowed for this specific post. Overall, we're usually replying to people with this type of humor on most posts. It's a big part of our social engagement strategy. 

Only 600 Banana Bunkers were available, and Roberts says the product sold out before the Facebook post went viral.

"It's very easy to confuse what a Banana Bunker is on first glance, and it would be too obvious to validate that," Roberts told AdWeek. "Instead we wanted to take the innocent approach. Plus, our team is very passionate about the benefits of potassium."



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