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Grumpy Cat Stars In New Cheerios Ad [THE BRIEF]

Grumpy Cat is now a TV star. Everyone's favorite frowning cat teamed up with Cheerios' mascot Buzz in Saatchi & Saatchi New York's new cereal ad. In it, Grumpy Cat does exactly what you would expect her to do. The online celebrity spends the entire commercial sitting on the couch looking, well, grumpy. But who wouldn't want to grab a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with a brand mascot like this loveable fluff ball?

BBH New York promoted Kate Morrison from executive producer to head of content production Tuesday. Morrison previously worked for agencies like Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, and worked on the 2014 Gold Lion-winning Playstation ad "Perfect Day."

Newcastle Brown Ale strikes again with more reasons to celebrate "Independence Eve" and what life would have been like if the Brits won the Revolutionary War. The new spots take a different approach from the first, two feature American actor Zachary Quinto and another stars Elizabeth Hurley.

CBS chief research officer David F. Poltrack says that the company makes 10-20 percent more ad dollars with online ads, as opposed to TV ads. When viewers are watching CBS shows online they can't skip over ads like they can with DVR, Variety reports.

Brands trashed talked waffles all over Twitter yesterday in honor of the USA vs. Belgium World Cup round of 16 game. Waffle House for example showed their temporary anti-Belgian waffle sentiment by spelling out USA with a waffle.

The online advertising marketplace Adknowledge acquired video ad company TriVu media on Tuesday. TriVu specializes in targeted YouTube ads.

Google acquired music streaming company Songza on Tuesday for an undisclosed amount. Songza has a relatively small following compared to brands like Spotify or Pandora, but offers similar services.

Music apps Shazam and SoundHound teamed up with National CineMedia and Screenvision to bring more advertising into movie theaters. The new partnership will encourage cell phone use in the theater by integrating audio recognition apps into pre-movie commercials.

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