Gurgaon-based startup files 3 patents in the US. Here’s what it does

Gurgaon-based startup files 3 patents in the US. Here’s what it does Three patents have been filed by a Gurgaon-based surface transport logistic provider ‘Rivigo’ in the US for algorithms created by it. This is a rare instance when an Indian startup has filed a patent in the US.

Indian startups claim to spend millions on Research and Development but very few of them have filed for patents so as to protect the various technologies they developed in-house. In December last year, digital payments platform Freecharge had filed for patent for its authentication solutions, termed as 'On The Go Pin,' which is aimed at making both online as well as offline transactions faster, by cutting the delay caused in receiving the OTP through text message.
Rivigo has come up with an algorithm that deals with managing fuel efficiency and pilferage, availability of drivers in the relay system, and loading plans to help reduce damages to products carried by its trucks.

"We have created very sophisticated technologies that have tried to solve multiple problems that currently exist. The algorithms allow us to get the most accurate fuel value, calibrate our fuel sensors and to detect pilferage. They take into account factors such as whether the vehicle is running or not, whether the ignition is off, or even when the network is down, and data may not have come in as yet," Hemant Khandelwal, chief technology officer at Rivigo told ET.

There are two other technologies for which patent have been filed by the company. One technology takes in account the geo-location and behavioural data to ensure the most suitable drivers are available for the truck run to go off smoothly. The other one is a 3D loading plan that ensures minimum damage to products being transported.

With company filing patents, it is quite clear that it is trying to get into lucrative American market, and possibly licensing the same, providing it an additional revenue stream.

"The solutions we are working on are globally applicable. At the right time in thefuture, we would aspire to take our offerings global. As we do, we want to protect our interests and that is why the need to file patents outside India," said Deepak Garg,CEO of Rivigo.