Hasbro made a misshapen Mr. Potato Head to raise awareness about food waste


Mr Potato Head


Mr. Potato Head and some friends.


Mr. Potato Head changes his look pretty regularly - it's kind of his whole gimmick. But never quite like this.

The toy company Hasbro partnered with the British grocery store chain Asda to create a special, misshapen Mr. Potato Head to help promote awareness about food waste and raise money for charity, according to Toy News.

In case you don't remember your own childhood, the classic Mr. Potato Head is a beloved plastic toy that's best described as an oblong lump of starch with the ability to remove his own face and store it in his butt.

The special "wonky" version of the toy is imbalanced, all out of proportion, and frankly kinda weird-lookin'. That's the point though, as an astounding amount of otherwise perfectly good and edible produce is thrown out every year because it's not aesthetically pleasing.

Mr Potatos Head


Get you a man who can do both.


The limited edition Mr. Potato Head is being auctioned on eBay, and all proceeds will go to the food poverty and food waste charity FareShare.

The auction ends on July 3.

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