HBO’s Game of Thrones is about to finish and R.R Martin hasn’t written the ending yet

HBO Game of Thrones
HBO is airing the finale of Game Of Thrones and the event can be a traumatizing experience for the characters as well as the fans of the series worldwide. The viewers of Game of Thrones have entered a frenzy mood long back developing their own anticipations about the ending. Now the show is ending in a tone that will surely be mourned by a lot of fans.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that the story is not over as it has ended on the HBO. The Game Of Thrones is based on a series of book authored by George R.R. Martin titled ‘A Song Of Fire and Ice’. This series has not been completed by the author. There are two more volumes to go. Insider views say that the ending being penned by the author might significantly differ from how the HBO ended it. So, we have strong reasons to say that the fantasy he could sustain through the series will continue.

The close circles associated with the writer have discovered that the writer does not feel any need to hurry up. Talking to CJ Harley the author said, “The books are very complicated and complex, and I spend a lot of time trying to get that right. In my view, it’s more important to get that right than to get it out on time,”.


On 19 May 2019, he put an end to the rumors that he might withhold the final two books that are yet to be penned. In a blog, he had responded saying, “[N]o, THE WINDS OF WINTER and A DREAM OF SPRING are not finished. DREAM is not even begun; I am not going to start writing volume seven until I finish volume six. It seems absurd to me that I need to state this. The world is round, the Earth revolves around the sun, water is wet… do I need to say that too?”

What R.R. Martin actually means in his blog is that he is bent upon starting to pen the end of the series. So, audience might need to wait for some time till they will know who will sit on the Iron Throne finally. He seems to be taking such a great care to make his story as unique and as interesting as possible than giving away to coffee cup references. So, we can assume that the actual ending of GOT can be certainly be different from how it was approached by HBO.

It is left for the serious minded fans to find ways to engage themselves in meaningful ways as they wait to know how the author is choosing to end the story. There are a number of interesting GOT pursuits around you which you can keep focusing till then. The message to know here is that the possibilities are endless before the author who could sustain the trill of a big world of readers. As it has been rightly said by the creator of Game Of Thrones, A kind of natural order governs the universe and to do something right, it takes time.