Heard of Apple diet? 5 crazy diets people went gaga over in 2016

Heard of Apple
diet? 5 crazy diets people went gaga over in 2016If one of your resolutions for 2016 was to lose weight or stay healthy and you were keeping up with it, you must have tried various diets in the year.


People are over the GM diet now and year 2016 saw several dieting trends that broke the internet. From Apple diet to cheese diet, many fitness freaks were experimenting with various diet regimes and some even lost oodles of weight.

“Year 2016 definitely was the year for diet-focused weight loss. We saw it all this year, from enquiries on fad diets to mono-fruit diets, to actual spectacular weight loss by a healthy and balanced eating regimen, we can safely say that 2016 was the year of the diet,” said Ritu Soni Srivastava, Founder, Obino, which is a mobile health and weight loss coaching app.

One of the crazy diets that were followed in 2016 was the apple diet. “You must have heard of 3 day or 5 day apple diets to get rid of those extra kilos pretty quick. All one has to do is hog onto as many apples as they want so there’s no fear of getting hungry,” said Ritu.

Here are other crazy diets are people went mad over in 2016: