Here are the biggest rallies Sensex has seen in the last 30 years

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The BSE SENSEX can be expanded as the Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index. In other terms, it is simply called SENSEX. This is a free-float stock market index of about 30 top-performing and financially well-off companies that are found listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Representing various industry sectors in the country, these 30 companies are some of the largest in the country whose stocks are very actively traded. The BSE SENSEX is always considered as the pulse of the domestic stock exchange markets in India. The base value of SENSEX was taken as 100 on April 1, 1979.

Some important milestones in SENSEX

The first notable milestone in the history of SENSEX was noted on July 25, 1990, when it touched four figures for the first time closing at 1,001. This was attributed to the excellent corporate gains in the country and a favourable monsoon.

SENSEX crossed its 2000 mark on January 15, 1992; touched the 3,000 mark on February 29, 1992; crossed the 4,000 mark on March 30, 1992; touched the 5,000 mark on October 11, 1992; crossed the 6,000 mark on February 11, 2000.

On June 21, 2005, the SENSEX crossed 7,000 marks following the settlement between the Ambani brothers which boosted up the investors’ sentiments.

On November 5, 2010, the SENSEX crossed the 21,000 mark with a huge jump reaching a peak of 21,078 points. This record was maintained for about 3 years and SENSEX closed at 21,033.97 points on October 30, 2013.

For the first time, the SENSEX reached 24,000 points on May 13, 2014, following the results of the exit poll showing that the NDA led by BJO would form the government at the center following the general elections for the Lok Sabha 2014.

On June 5, 2014, SENSEX closed above 25,000 points and it touched the 26,000 watermark on July 7, 2014, when the country anticipated a budget that would reform the country soon.

When the Reserve Bank of India cut down the repo rates, the SENSEX crossed the 30,000 mark on March 4, 2015.

On May 26, 2017, the SENSEX crossed 31,000 points level for the first time. it crossed the 32,000 points level on July 13, 2017.

Summary of the SENSEX Jumps in India

Historically the all-time high in the SENSEX stock index was noted at 40312.07 in June 2019 and an all-time low was noted at 113.28 in December 1979.

A gigantic jump of SENSEX

Both SENSEX and Nifty posted one of their biggest jumps in May 2019 after the exit poll results showing that the Narendra Modi government might retain the ruling power over the central government. During this time, the SENSEX reported its highest ever closing figure recorded at 39,352.67.

The latest historical jump on September 20, 2019

On September 20, 2019, Friday, the SENSEX stock index made yet another historical jump following the announcement by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman which said the corporate tax rates for the domestic companies will be cut down from 30% to 22% with effect from April 1. The said move was aimed at boosting the Indian economic growth.

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